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Fast Funny UConn Women

Date: Thursday, March 18, 2021 | 6 pm- 7:30 pm ET
Online - Zoom

UConn women and the men who laugh along with them are invited to join the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for an evening with beloved author and humorist, Gina Barreca, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of English.

Get an insider's look at Gina's new book Fast Funny Women, which features laugh-out-loud essays by more than 70 women, including 37 UConn students, professors, and alumnae.

First 100 registrants will receive a copy of Fast Funny Women in the mail. 

Please RSVP by Thursday, March 18, 2021.

Additional Book Contributors





Anna Zarra Aldrich '20 (CLAS)

Kerri Brown '11 (CLAS)

Erica Buehler '17 (CLAS)

Katharine Capshaw, Associate Dean

Michelle P Carter '10 (CLAS)

Nicole Catarino '22 (CLAS)

Laurie Cella '07 PhD

Kristina Dolce '10 (CLAS) '15 MA

Caitlin O Donnell '10 (CLAS)

Liza Donnelly '14 HON

Lisa Douglas '12 (CLAS, SFA)

Niamh Emerson '06 (CLAS)

Emily Heiden '05 (CLAS)

Monique Heller  ’89 (CLAS) ’97 MBA

Jianna Schroeder Heuer '05 (CLAS)

Nyanka Joseph ’15 (CLAS) ’17 MPA

Krisela Karaja '14 (CLAS)


Mollie Kervick, PhD Candidate

Jessica Lubka '17 (CLAS)

Cynthia Luo '12 (CLAS)

Kate Luongo '21 (CLAS)

Dawn Lundy Martin '98 (CLAS)

Margaret Mitchell ’95 MA ’04 PhD

Kristen Mongillo '17 (CLAS)

Brenda Murphy, Professor Emeritus

Lisa Nic An Bhreithimh, Former Fulbright

Ali Oshinskie '17 (CLAS)

Kristina Reardon ’13 MA ’19 PhD

Jennifer (Few) Rizzo ’10 (CLAS) ’11 (ED)

Lauren Saalmuller ’12 (CLAS)

Jennifer Sager ’04 (CLAS)

Joan Sidney ’77 PhD

Amanda (Brown) Smallhorn ’10 (CLAS)

Lydia Snapper ’16 (CLAS)

Susan Staubach, Former Staff










Questions and Additional Information




If you have questions or require accomodations to participate in this program, please contact Elyssa Kelly, Director of Alumni Relations, CLAS via email.

All Zoom information would be provided upon registration.​  

These events may be recorded for UConn and UConn Foundation promotional materials.