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Black History 365

Created by students, BH365 exists to promote Black history and current affairs that influence the varied experiences of the Black community, and to give a voice to the student experience at the UConn School of Social Work.



Tilling the Soil:
Black Farmers, Sustainability and Uplifting Community

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Join us for a panel discussion where the distinguished speakers will discuss the history and significance of Black farming and farmers, efforts made to support the Black community in leading healthier lives through education and direct access to healthier foods; and advocacy work to address the systemic racism Black farmers and activists face, particularly during COVID-19. Through their lived experiences, the speakers will share their successes and challenges and share a call to action to address the injustices experienced by Black Farmers and activists.


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The Principles of Kwanzaa

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

This interactive workshop will provide a contextual history of Kwanzaa and identify its core principles. By learning the significance of Kwanzaa often simply shrugged as a “made-up holiday,” we can begin to introduce and refamiliarize ourselves in cultural traditions that affirm Black livelihood.

Participants will reflect on their personal identities and learn tangible ways to honor the tradition of Kwanzaa in their everyday lives.


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Black Lives Matter: Facts vs. Myths

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Join us for a panel discussion where the distinguished speakers will demystify the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) and address ‘popular’ misconceptions. Panelists will discuss pivotal socio-political moments, including the upsurge in the use of video recordings to document police brutality and murders of Black individuals. Through the lens of Connecticut’s BLM 860 and BLM’s New Haven chapter, successes, challenges and plans for moving forward will be presented.

This program offers the opportunity for participants to gain a better understanding of BLM and support BLM’s fight for Freedom, Liberation and Justice.


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