The Jonah Pournazarian Glycogen Storage Disease 1B Research Fund

"Chocolate Bar" means awesome to Dylan Siegel, the 10-year-old who wrote CHOCOLATE BAR, the book, at just 6 years old to raise money towards a cure for his best friend Jonah's rare liver condition, GSD Type 1b.

Funds raised support world-class researchers working towards a cure for GSD and are preparing for future human clinical trials. Jonah's doctor, Dr. David Weinstein, director of the GSD Program at the University of Connecticut's School of Medicine, is leading a team doing breakthrough research on this rare childhood disease that, until 1971, was fatal. Today, the cure is on the horizon: the missing gene and the carrier virus that can deliver the gene effectively have both been identified. And while you probably don't know anyone with GSD — a disease that affects one in 100,000, or in Jonah's case, one in 1,000,000 - research and work has broad implications for a range of other liver diseases.

For every $25 donated to the Jonah Pournazarian Fund, you can receive a copy of The Chocolate Bar Book with our thanks.

Questions? Please contact Natalee Martin via email.