The “C” Word: How Cancer Impacts the Family

Thursday, March 2, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Spotlight Theatres
39 Front Street
Hartford, CT  06103

Modern medicine is rapidly developing to combat cancer using innovative strategies, with increasing success. But a cancer diagnosis is still all too common and, even with a positive outcome, can have devastating effects on the survivor and family. 

At this Science Salon we'll take a look at the way that cancer impacts the family, caregiver stress, and the challenges that grief or survivorship present. Panelists from the social and medical sciences will come together to talk about emotional and physiological effects of cancer, and some strategies for coping.

Featured Panelists:

Dr. Jayesh Kamath, UConn associate professor of psychiatry

Halley Robinson '08, Inpatient social worker, The Connecticut Hospice, Inc.

Ronald Sabatelli, Ph.D, UConn professor of human development and family studies


Dr. Peter Deckers, UConn Health's Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center

Price is $15 per person, including appetizers and one drink. Parking is available in each of the two Front Street garages and offers guests easy access directly to Front Street. Spotlight Theatres validates a portion of the parking fee. For more information on the Science Salon programs, please visit:

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